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The Series

The Charlemagne Files is an entertaining series of espionage thrillers with a twist. Fast-paced and thought-provoking, the character-driven plots are suitable for most readers and could be termed prime-time thrillers. They contain violence and blood, but no gore, fear, and stress, but not for the reader, varied world locations, but without heavy travelogue descriptions. Each book gives the reader intriguing puzzles, larger questions to ponder, and a dash of humor.

The series chronicles the lives of a team of deadly Cold War intelligence operatives over a span of three decades. The team, which calls itself Charlemagne, is the premier freelance specialist team used by Western governments for black operations conducted without fingerprints. The novels and short stories in the series examine the lives, and sometimes deaths, of the team members and the people around them during incidents of stress and uncertainty. They need not be read in sequence but do sometimes reference past events in the lives of the characters.


A Lighter Shade of Night - Prequel

Misha, Louis and Vasily begin their careers in a series of vignettes highlighting their personalities as they become an increasingly effective killing team.

Trinity Icon - #1

Alexandra Dolnikov searches for a missing icon along with unsavory characters who do not wish her well.

Cetus Wedge-#2

The team is on a killing spree and rookie babysitter Steve Donovan needs to find out why or it’s curtains for his mentor and predecessor, Frank Cardova.

Brevet Wedge-#3

Frank Cardova hosts the houseguests from hell as they use their usual methods to find out who is trying to kill his protege’ Steve Donovan.

Lion Tamer-#4

Barbara Kemp is well acquainted with the term 'hostile work environment' but the team educates her further.

State of Nature-#5

Mara Sobieski graduates as an operative when an enemy  makes it his mission to save her life.


Dr. Theresa Vilseck learns regret for past and present kindnesses to a childhood friend now out to kill her.


Captain Claire Nolan meets another pilot named Steve Donovan and steps out of her comfort zone to spend quality time with him.

Quiet Move-#8

Jade Wilmerton, a librarian brought along by mistake and now surrounded by dangerous, secretive operatives holds onto her sanity the only way she knows how, by dressing well. Until that doesn’t work any more.

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