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Later Charlemagne

Charlemagne took on their first new member in the early 80s when Misha's son Michael joined the team using the game name Charlie. A marksman with the same still manner and analytical powers as his father, eventually he also became a talented knife fighter.

Charlie brought a martial artist from Texas, whose game name was Steve Donovan, onto the team. A former Air Force fighter pilot, Steve proved to be more volatile than the unflappable Charlie and an innovative silent killer.

Mara grew up with the team. At the age of twelve, she witnessed the murder of her father, Vasily Sobieski. Mara grew up to becomoe a superb all-around fighter, having been taught by the experts on the team.Besides being the team's early IT specialist, she was a talented marksman and martial artist.

Sergei Pavlenko joined the team shortly after Mara. He had been KGB agent with skill in the martial arts and a self-taught explosives expert. He and his wife Mara became the team's technology experts after Charlemagne lost Louis.