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Quiet Move

K.A. Bachus


You must see your plan to shield her from us has failed.

Jade Wilmerton runs a library for an intelligence outfit. It’s 1997 and Skosh, a shadowy ops guy in her organization, takes her as his administrative assistant on a private flight to Lithuania. Jade hopes for a little adventure and maybe something more from this appealing man, but his irascible, profane and worried manner is strictly business. "They’re dangerous," he tells her, without explaining anything, least of all who 'they' may be. She is pretty sure he himself is not all that safe, either.

While Skosh might be dangerous, the group of assassins he introduces to Jade is certainly lethal. Charlemagne is the premier freelance specialist team used by western governments for black operations conducted without fingerprints. Each team member is highly skilled in the business of death, but this time the odds favor their target, an American millionaire who has been gathering a small but significant fighting force in a forest near the Baltic Sea.

Information will be Charlemagne’s primary weapon in this op, and their chosen delivery vehicle is a young Lithuanian partisan who has noticed Jade.

Will Jade Wilmerton succeed in keeping the team’s hacker out of her library’s computer? Will she survive long enough to have a chance with Skosh? Or will even that elusive hope be complicated by the operational needs of Charlemagne?

Quiet Move is the eighth novel in K.A. Bachus’s fast-paced Charlemagne Files series chronicling the lives of a team of deadly Cold War intelligence operatives over a span of three decades.

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Fast paced espionage thriller with complex and conflicted characters

In this most recent book of the Charlemagne Files, a series of linked but stand-alone espionage novels, the characters are complex and conflicted. I love that the short and provocative prologue arcs to an ending placing the male lead character in an untenable position. The ops team’s actions are fast-paced and full of threats and emotional challenges. I recommend checking out the author’s background on Amazon and her webpage, that provides authenticity to her wonderful world-building for Spooks, Spies, and Assassination.  - Amazon Reader