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Cetus Wedge

K. A. Bachus

July 2020 978-1-7353655-3-4


To prevent the slaughter of innocents...

Steve Donovan is a former fighter pilot who has entered the world of covert operations as a lowest level operative. He is unexpectedly promoted over the heads of 59 people to handle Charlemagne, the most highly rated team of black ops specialists in the western world. He accompanies his new boss, Frank Cardova, to Chicago, where it appears the team has gone seriously off the rails. A local Chicago morgue holds the evidence in the form of seven bodies, each killed by a member of the team.

In the course of their investigation into the killings, Steve and Frank discover how Charlemagne has decimated a private network and why. Treachery, both personal, professional, plays a central role in the game being played out here and becomes a tool in the plans of at least one foreign government operative. That plan places several people at risk, including a child and Steve himself. 

Steve must decide what price he is willing to pay for the life of the child, and he discovers that more than his own possible death is part of the bargain.

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Adrenaline-laced and lethal...



"Cetus Wedge by K.A. Bachus is the second book in the Charlemagne Files series. A former air force pilot, Steve Donovan, is suddenly promoted to a special assignment. For his first mission, he must uncover the motives behind a recent string of deaths and reveal the conspiracy that hides behind, and of course, be home in time for Christmas. Donovan soon finds that he is surrounded by corruption, and every choice could turn deadly.

Cetus Wedge was very interesting, a story unlike any other. The steady pace of Bachus’ writing will keep you turning page aer page wanting more. Dirty politics, corruption, murder, and mystery all shroud the plot of Cetus Wedge, which is cleverly revealed by detailed and intricate writing.

Bachus cleverly weaves complexities into the plot that you did not expect, making the story take yet another potentially deadly turn.

Cetus Wedge is a mystery for deep thinkers, a true depiction of the words “espionage”, “corruption”, and “dirty”. Bachus delivers a complex plot that leaves the reader thinking and wanting to read more. If you love action, mystery, conspiracies, and an exceptional story - Cetus Wedge is for you!"

The Lost Chapter, LLC

"K.A. Bachus is a master of description. Her words will make you feel as if you are at the character's side, experiencing the action alongside them instead of reading the words on a page. Readers who like character and dialogue-driven plots will enjoy Cetus Wedge." - The Book Review Directory

"Cetus Wedge by K.A Bachus reads almost like a play. It is dialogue-heavy; most of the information about the characters are learned through the discourses between Frank and Stephen. The story is not stationary in one location, however. The characters move between different settings in Chicago and a home base that is never specified.

Bachus writes beautifully. The descriptions of characters and the scenes are eloquent and exact. It is as if the reader it watching the story instead of reading it. Donovan’s love for flying is tangible through the author’s descriptions and readers can feel his heartbreak over not being a pilot anymore." - The Book Review Directory

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