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State of Nature

K. A. Bachus

July 2020 978-1-7353655-5-8


Charlemagne has long been the premier specialist team used by western governments to fight terrorists and solve other murky problems in the world of black ops. State of Nature relates the viewpoints of three people who come into close contact with the team over one extended period in search of a list of highly placed agents and assets of the former Soviet Union.

Mara grew up with the team. She is the daughter of the team’s late weapons and explosives expert. Superbly trained to take care of herself, her American mother and friends make it possible for her to have a somewhat normal life as a young woman in a quiet corner of counterintelligence in the deserts of southern California. There she meets an enemy, the man, in fact, who helped to bring about her father’s death. Sergei Pavlenko is now the hunted one. He convinces her that she must help him, for several reasons, not least her own safety.

Seal is Mara’s boss and mentor in counterintelligence. He comes to understand he is also her protector. When she enlists his help with protecting Pavlenko, Seal is initially terrified it is a drug deal until he realizes it is merely the usual dirty scenario he became familiar with as a Navy SEAL in Vietnam and later.

John Fairfax is a young surgeon paid a stipend to stand by at the call of the FBI. His first call ever is to attend to Pavlenko’s wounds, but he winds up as one of nine people including the team itself, in a twenty-six foot RV as they drive across the southwestern United States to San Antonio, where the list is hidden in a government warehouse and defended by a deadly rival ex-Soviet specialist team.

San Antonio promises to be a battle of the Alamo for several operatives on both sides of the endeavor.

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Very well-written and suspenseful! I couldn't put it down.

--L. K., Goodreads

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